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Sintered diamonds by hot-pressing:

This is a technology needing high investments. Synthetic diamond particles are mixed with specific different metallic binders in function to their posterior application (grinding porcelain, Ni/Cr or big grit or fine grit etc.). This mixture is filled in steel matrixes. These are heated during several hours, without oxygen to avoid oxidation of diamond, at temperatures rising the 1.000° Celsius… Show more

Several times, these powders in the hot steel matrixes are pressed, whereby pressure is to be counted in tons. Then the matrix containing the sintered instruments is slowly cooled down. This takes about 12 hours. During this process, crystal lattices are built, balancing to hold the diamond particle which shall grind the material and free it once it is used, so that new diamond particles can erode.

The next day, the shank is braised on the grinding body. The body is always cylindrical, as during the process of sintering, heat distribution and pressure are so uniformly distributed. Therefore, VARENKOR SA has the biggest possible choice in different shapes. The resulting instrument is of very high quality, especially longevity, grinding capacity and constant quality! These instruments are known as Solid Sintered Diamonds SSD.
We have adopted for over 40 years for the hot pressing sintering and the sintered diamond instruments are known as Solid Sintered Diamonds SSD



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