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About Us

CDIR SL (Varenkor Diamond Tools Manufactory) is the latest of four diamond tool manufactories, all build up by our family within the last
40 years. The workshop is situated in Southern Spain (European Union) and distributes its products all over the world.

Varenkor diamond products stand for (and are synonymous of) high quality precision diamond tools.
A very special production and precise working method allows to achieve top quality appreciated by specialists and commun users
wishing to perform on special and normal application fields.

Sintered Diamond Tools

Universal HP Sintered Diamond Instruments (SSD) with metallic binder for grinding all hard, medium & medium/soft materials (glass, ceramic, gemstone, CrCo, NiCr, other metals) 

Standard shank: diameter: 2.35 mm & 3.00 mm (other shank diameter on request)

Standard diamond grits: 325/400 Mesh (ISO 503), 200/230 Mesh (ISO 513), 170/200 Mesh (ISO 523), 120/140 Mesh (ISO 532 & 533), 80/100 Mesh (ISO 542), 60/70 Mesh (ISO 543)

Grits on request: 400/500 Mesh (ISO 501), others, CBN (all grits)

Our production fields


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Gemstones & Jewellery

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